FACT: A quick, deep dive into the essentials is sometimes all it takes.

We offer a variety of “Bite-Sized” Virtual Trainings that you can fit into your regular workday and take from your desk. These trainings are laser-focused and scoped to topics essential for managerial and/or leadership success. Tune in and walk away with new skills, tools, and application exercises. Sessions are two hours and facilitated via our online interactive platform.

Topics (Add to cart and we will contact you for details on which class or classes)

  • Delegation: Learn the skills and process to delegate work in a way that improves performance, builds employee capacity, and lightens your workload.
  • Motivation: Learn the core factors that drive motivation and how to use on-the-job experiences to tap into what really drives your employees.
  • Conflict: Learn primary conflict styles and how to navigate conflict effectively for innovation and creativity.
  • Team building: Learn about the core conditions for team effectiveness and how to instill these conditions within your team.
  • Managing change: Learn the four phases of change and how to navigate them in your organization.
  • Giving feedback: Learn the process and skills to deliver high-impact feedback.

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