FACT: Strong women leaders drive organization's success.

This is an executive leadership development program where you will:

Identify old narratives that have held you in place or kept you “stuck” and create new narratives to help attain achievement of your best self.

Explore, discover, and meet the best parts of yourself and those parts that may be blind and/or intentionally hidden.

Explore ways you can willingly let go of perceived control and lean into the uncertainty and paradoxes of being a human navigating in the world.


Session 1 (1.5 days) – 2/17/22 – 2/18/22
Session 2 (2 days) – 3/17/22 – 3/18/22
Session 3 (4 half days) – 4/14/22, 4/21/22, 4/28/22, 5/5/22
Session 4 (1.5 days) – 5/26/22 – 5/27/22
Session 5 (1 day) – 6/17/22

$4025 Participation confirmed by 1/15/21
$4750 Participation confirmed by 2/10/21

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We individually have power, but together we have the ability to move not just mountains, but mountain ranges. This statement rings true from our own experience. Additionally, research backs us up with quantitative data. It points to the fact that women who have centrality in a broader network combined with a strong “inner circle” of women have the most success.1

1Women who were in the top quartile of centrality and had a female-dominated inner circle of 1-3 women landed leadership positions that were 2.5 times higher in authority and pay than those of their female peers lacking this combination hbr.org. Research: Men and Women Need Different Kinds of Networks to Succeed by Brian Uzzi

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