FACT: Sometimes you are too deep in a situation to see it.

Think about a fish swimming in water. Every day it sees, breathes, and moves in water. Certainly after time, it ceases to even notice (or know) it is in water. This happens in organizations. You become so accustomed to your culture and environment that after a while, it is almost impossible to take a step back and gain fresh perspective on a problem or opportunity.

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How can we help you gain perspective?



  • Are going through (or want) massive planned or unexpected change with significant challenges
  • Want to build a highly engaged, focused workforce
  • Want innovation
  • Know your culture is eating your strategy for breakfast
  • Have recurring challenges that need fresh perspective


  • Build change strategy and help you execute it
  • Co-design and facilitate strategic development
  • Conduct organization-wide assessments (organizational, cultural, team, individual)
  • Change culture
  • Facilitate (whatever you need)

Our point of view

We partner with organizations, leaders, and individuals to explore and understand their environments, envision what needs to be different, and develop concrete action plans for meaningful and lasting change. We bring not only an outside perspective, but also a specific methodology for discovery informed by applied behavioral science and complexity science. Our approach is to:


Find new perspective

Start small with our simple rules for insight and understanding.
We’ve compiled our tips for you in a free, downloadable PDF.

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