FACT: You have the answer. Sometimes you just need help seeing it.

Everyone (yes, EVERYONE) has untapped capacity within. Your potential to grasp the truth of a situation, work through challenges, improve relationships, and build new skills and behaviors is tremendous. That being said, sometimes things get in the way. It can be role transition, external challenge, or difficult relationship, but suddenly you find yourself needing support. That’s when you call in a ChangeFusion coach.

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When and how do we help our coachees?

You Want a Coach to Help You

  • Step into a new role or position
  • Increase your executive presence
  • Lead change
  • Thrive (or survive) in a high stress environment
  • Change unproductive behaviors or patterns
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Lead more effectively
  • Improve unproductive relationships
  • Improve individual or team productivity and performance
  • Navigate political minefields


Coach Leaders and Executives (our most popular packages include)
  • Leader onboarding
  • Leader behind the mirror
  • Your leadership style
  • Leader communication
  • Exercising leadership influence
Coach Managers (our most popular packages include)
  • Manager tune up
  • Manage an all-star team 
Coach Individuals (our most popular packages include)
  • Uncover your passion
  • Unleash your impact
Coach Teams (our most popular packages include)
  • DiSC Style assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory
  • FIRO – Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Our point of view

Our coaching practice is grounded in behavioral science, neuroscience, and leadership theory.

Our coaches also bring the lens of systems thinking to their work. We know that your actions are informed by your culture and organization; understanding your best options for change requires understanding your external environment. We ask questions to dig deeply and uncover things you may not see simply because you’re so used to seeing them.

Our coaches know that deep change comes from seeking and committing to your personal best. We focus on your strengths to tap into this “inner you” and leverage your full potential to break old patterns and achieve new results.

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Achieve personal transformation

Start small with our simple rules for personal growth.
We’ve compiled our tips for you in a free, downloadable PDF.

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