FACT: Change happens.

Whether unexpected or planned, large or small, or sudden or slow, change is a constant in your organization. It’s there now, will be there tomorrow, and will show up again the day after that. The power of a change leader therefore comes not in predicting, controlling, or limiting change, but in influencing its speed and direction for maximum impact and results. And this is what we use our expertise to do.

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When do we help out?



  • Are a new leader or changing your leadership role
  • Need a change in strategic vision or direction
  • Need a shift in mindset, approach, or organization culture
  • Are experiencing unexpected external events that demand a fresh strategy (i.e. a new competitor or public relations crisis)
  • Want to implement a new system or process (i.e. performance management or technology migration)
  • Have internal initiatives that need a boost (i.e. values adoption or employee engagement)


Provide Consulting Services
  • Develop and implement change strategy
  • Co-create strategy
  • Facilitate change simulations
  • Support change agent teams
Offer Purchase-Ready Products
  • Change strategy consultation
  • Change toolbox
  • Change narrative
  • Stakeholder mapper
  • Involvement planner
  • Change reaction key
Facilitate Learning Labs
  • Leading Change in Complex Times
  • Change Agent training

Our point of view

Change brings both opportunity and threat. However, the anxiety it creates often leads to an overemphasis on threats, leaving opportunities unrealized. Shifting this requires seeing change as what it is: a natural process.

Change arises from self-organization, the
 innate ability in any 
organization to create new, emergent structures and patterns in response to challenges or new conditions. Traditional approaches to change seek to control or limit it, which in turn inhibit self-organization. Our change practice involves a proprietary approach (the Change DialsTM) to help leaders and organizations change.

Our approach comes from years of expertise leading and facilitating change in businesses first-hand. Our change tools are steeped in a deep knowledge of change theory, complexity science, neuroscience, and positive psychology.

our Brochure

Realize the opportunities inherent in change

Navigate change by activating our simple rules.
We’ve compiled them for you in a free, downloadable PDF.

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