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Our learning labs are packed with deep thinking, cutting-edge science, and a lot of business savvy and ChangeFusion’s commitment to unleashing your potential. We design our courses and tools based on years of business expertise and the latest thinking in change theory, complexity science, neuroscience, positive psychology, and organization leadership and development.

A virtual session that equips managers to engage employees and instill their teams with accountability, excellence, and innovation. It is a laser-focused learning experience that builds critical management skills. It has eight interactive modules that combine practical tools with on-the-job application exercises and one-on-one coaching. The modules are tightly scoped around the critical roles a manager plays and emphasize real-world application through scenarios, practice activities, and experiential exercises.

Sept. 22 – Dec. 29  >  Learn More

An interactive learning lab, prepares leaders, executives, and individuals to catalyze and navigate change. This session develops core skills to understand and use the principles of self-organization in complex and challenging situations. It is a deep dive into change from which leaders emerge armed and ready to navigate transition in their organizations.

October 17 – 19, 2016  >  Learn More

A 2-day in-person meeting that provides and opportunity for managers to learn coaching skills. It is a highly interactive training focused on understanding the coaching process and building tactical coaching skills. Participants experience and practice coaching real-time by watching demos, engaging in peer coaching, and receiving real-time feedback from course facilitators.

Oct. 25 and 26, 2016  >  Learn More

A 2-day in-person meeting that helps motivate leaders energize, inspire, and mobilize. Participants learn to use emotional intelligence as a core leadership skill in creating high performance environments, improving relationships, and maximizing their personal effectiveness. As a part of the course, participants also complete an online emotional intelligence assessment.

Nov. 14 and 15  >  Learn More

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