FACT: Being a technical expert does not equate to being an effective manager.

Here’s how the story usually goes: You are extremely skilled in your field of expertise. You work hard and achieve incredible results. You are promoted to a managerial role. That’s when you realize managing people requires a new and different skill set. Now what?

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When and how do we help managers?

Our primary program to do this is QuickStart for Managers. QuickStart and all our other manager support services integrate the latest science on motivation theory, behavior change, and management and leadership effectiveness. Click here to learn more.

Your Managers Need To

  • Support employees in being their best
  • Deliver high-quality results
  • Give feedback and have tough conversations effectively
  • Deal with the “people side” of business
  • Change patterns of constant overload and stress
  • Find perspective in the midst of demands and paperwork


Facilitate Learning Labs
Provide Consulting Services
  • Manager coaching
  • Team performance sessions
Offer Purchase-ready Products
  • Team Insights 360 assessment and tool
  • Manager’s Game Plan

Our point of view

We know managers make a difference. And we know that managing well is a skillset that has a high return on investment and can be developed over time. We help managers do this by honing in on critical management skills and techniques. Our approach is laser-focused, bite-sized, and cutting-edge. We embed the essentials into the context of real-world scenarios and focus on immediate application, team development, and individual growth and coaching.

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Be a better manager

Start small with our simple rules for great managers.
We’ve compiled our tips for you in a free, downloadable PDF.

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