FACT: We act our way into new habits.

Here is what we know doesn’t work about most training: learning a new concept, theory, or skill in the absence of practical application. Here’s what we know doesn’t work about most workplace initiatives: expecting employees to change their behavior, capacity, or performance in the absence of learning. For meaningful growth and improvement, you need both learning and real-world practice applying it. Our learning lab approach hinges on this premise, that learning and application must walk hand-in-hand. This is what we know does work about learning: experiential exercises, real-world activities, and the hard-hitting triumvirate of focus, repetition, and practice.

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You (or your organization) Needs to Build Capacity in

  • Core leadership skills
  • Core management skills
  • Communication
  • Partnership
  • Change
  • Leadership presence

We Offer Learning Labs For

  • Leadership Development Program (cohort based; 6-12 months)
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Change in Complex Times
  • QuickStart for Managers
  • Coaching for Success
  • Management Essentials: Bite-sized Virtual Training Series
    • Delegation
    • Motivation
    • Conflict
    • Team building
    • Managing change
    • Giving feedback 
Everyone – Working Together
  • Conversations@the Core
  • Partnering for Success

Our point of view

Our learning labs challenge participants to test out new ways of thinking, doing, and showing up in the workplace. We integrate the neuroscience behind how people learn and change behavior. We tailor sessions (whether custom or off-the-shelf) to fit the context of your organization and incorporate multiple learning modalities to keep the learning applicable and interactive, including everything from multi-media and case studies to assessments and peer coaching.

What’s the secret behind the success of our facilitators? They are mindful and acutely attuned to the learning environment. They bring cutting edge business expertise into the classroom, allowing them to infuse the content with real-world examples that challenge participants to see, think, and act differently.

Clients tell us our learning labs support them in mastering new concepts, creating behavior change, and increasing their success.

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Accelerate your results

Start small with our simple rules for deep learning.
We’ve compiled our tips for you in a free, downloadable PDF

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